Plexus technical and management expertise has excellent experience to handle government projects and believe in bringing high business value to our customer. Our solutions help governments and public sector enterprises manage multiple levels of processing; Personnel Detail management, Document Management, Management Information System, Online file processing and tracking and enterprise resource planning etc. Our agenda of implementing e-governance processes of Government functioning to bring about;

o Simple
o Moral
o Accountable
o Responsive
o User friendly and
o Transparent Governance

Our Objectives for e-Governance
o Application of ICT to offer good governance
o Speed service delivery
o Provide a pleasant customer experience
o Fast and Transparent Service Delivery
o Improve service quality and innovation
o Provide cost effective services
o Increase operational efficiency
o Enhance accessibility of information to citizens
o Provide an integrated approach to customer relationships

Our expertise in following e-governance type
o o G2G (government to governments)
o G2C (government to citizens)
o G2E (government to employees)
o G2B (government to businesses)


Our Skills

Custom Application Development
Mobile Application Development
SEO Services
Design and Development

Plexus Technologies

We have a team of hardworking, motivated and skilled professionals and a requisite infrastructure to help us achieve technically advanced and customer oriented solutions. On our team we have Java/J2EE programmers, .net programmers, PHP programmers, Mobile application developers, SEO-PPC Experts and HTML5, CSS, Flash designers. We aim to bring you only the best, most efficient and cost effective solution.
Plexus Technologies provide an assortment of IT Services, Software Development, Mobile Application Development and other development services in the areas of hardware and software design to companies worldwide. We also provide business development executive services.
Plexus Technologies is the one stop for all Enterprise Web solutions & services, customized web products and application development.We have specialized team of e-Governance domain as well as other sectors.